Advantages Of Using A Custom Tracking Domain Over A Default One

custom tracking domainUsing a custom tracking domain over a default tracking domain is important if you do any kind of email marketing, blogging, Facebook ads, article marketing and more.

In fact for many reason that I will mentioned below, it could be the key to your online success.

In this post I will explain how a custom tracking domain will help you grow with class!

What Is A Custom Tracking Domain & A Default Tracking Domain?

For those who are a little confused, a default tracking domain is a link that is automatically given to you by a click tracking service like

An example of what a default tracking domain may look like is this:

However, a custom tracking domain, is a link that you personally create to cater to your needs. It look like this:

What Are The Advantage Of Using A Custom Tracking Domain?

There are more advantages that come with using a custom tracking domain rather that the default one. A few of these include:

  • Building your own brand. A custom tracking domain is perfect for enhancing your brand image. Furthermore, it will help your subscribers relate and trust you.
  • It will help protect you from being marked as spam. A custom domain is excellent for creating white labelled emails. Thus, helping you reach your subscribers Inbox rather than Junk mail.
  • It will enable you to build your own sending reputation. A custom domain has its own custom IP address unlike a default one which is used by many users. This means better deliverability, open rates and more clicks.
  • Finally, it will be more attractive to visitors. The visible component of the text in the email links will be branded with your domain name rather than the username you sign up to your tracking service with. This makes your link more engaging to subscribers. Plus, they will be much more confident in opening your email body. Therefore, increasing your leads, commissions and overall success.

In Conclusion

It is for the advantages above that you need to get your hand on a custom tracking domain or Premium Domain (if your using

It will help you will grow more successfully and with class!

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