5 Email Marketing Tips To Help Increase Your Christmas Sales

Christmas salesThere is no doubt that email marketing is responsible for a lot of online Christmas sales. Whether you want to drive your online Christmas sales or increase you website traffic, email marketing is the key!

Thus, it’s really important that you ensure your email marketing campaigns are in line so your subscribers are aware of any Christmas sales going on and can start shopping.

So, shall we begin?

Check out these awesome email marketing tips to help you increase your Christmas sales and success:

1. Share The Seasons Joy

I can not stress the benefits and effectiveness of integrating social media channels within the emails that you send out.

Social media is the new and improved ‘word of mouth’ as it allows your subscribers to instantly share any exciting news or offers you’ve sent them to their social media communities. In fact, the beauty of social media is that every post has the potential to go viral and reach hundreds and thousands of people. In addition, help you generate more exposure for your business and increase your Christmas sales.

A few of the most popular social media channels to target should include:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Snapchat
  • Linkedin
  • Google+

Also, it is important to ensure that if you are going to integrate social media into your emails, that you make sure your social media page is up to date with the Christmas season.

Remember to make your visitors feel included and excited in your offers by posting photos, videos and links to special offers.

2. Offer Specific Rewards & Increase Christmas Sales

The most effective way to increase your Christmas sales is to offer rewards and create urgency.

So, don’t forget to offer your subscribers specific rewards or unexpected incentives for the Christmas season.

This reward or incentive could be anything you like. As long as it creates an urgency to buy now verses later and is available exclusively through email. For example, you could include a link in the emails your send to your subscribers saying something like:

Dear [name],

As Christmas approaches, we are offering you an exclusive 50% discount off any product. All you need to do is click on this special link below and you will receive a whopping 50% off any of our awesome products.

[insert special discount link] 

This exclusive Christmas offer ends soon so don’t miss out!!

Kind regards, 

This sense of urgency and exclusivity will encourage your subscribers to buy your product now and will increase your Christmas sales. Furthermore, if the offer is so great, they might just share it with their social media communities.

3. Optimize Your Emails For Mobile Use

Have you optimized your emails for mobile use? If not, then you are seriously missing out on some great sales opportunities!

Almost 50% of all traffic comes from mobile devices, so if your email campaigns are not optimized to include mobile users, then you’re falling short.

Mobile optimizations allows your subscribers to easily view your emails regardless of screen size. That way they can see the full offer-especially with the awesome holiday templates and graphics you’ll likely be using- you send to them.

Another important thing to remember while catering for mobile users, is to think about the best place to put the call-to-action link or other clickable links.

By optimizing your emails for mobile users, you will dramatically increase you Christmas sales.

Note: If the offers you are sending out are not optimized for mobile use, then use a tool like click.org to redirect mobile traffic to a mobile optimized page.

4. Use Powerful Subject Lines

There is nothing worse than spending so much time and effort making trying to make your email just perfect and then no one actually open them. It burns, I know…

However, if you use a powerful subject line, you won’t need to worry about that.  So be sure to use powerful words that your subscribers might just be searching for during the Christmas season. These words could be:

  • Great deal, promotion, savings, free shipping, Christmas sales
  • Limited time, today only, hurry, open now, available now, exclusive, order now
  • Christmas deals, winter cheer, Christmas savings
  • Thank you, support, your appreciation

Another great way to increase your open rates would be to ask questions in your subject line. For example:

  • Need gift ideas?
  • Stressed about the holidays?
  • Want to same money on Christmas gifts?
  • Want your gifts wrapped and delivered?

It is important to remember that your subscribers will receive many other emails with offers regarding the Christmas season, so, its really important that you try your best to stand out above the rest.

By doing this, you will not only increase your open rates but also your Christmas sales.

5. Offer Instant Buying Options

The Christmas season is a joyful and exciting time of year but it can also be really stressful with juggling full-times jobs, kids, Christmas shopping and holiday planning.

So, for the sake of your success, it would be wise for you to provide instant buying options. You can do this by directly sending your subscribers a specific product with an irresistible offer and have a call-to-action button right below.

Making the buying process easier will speed up their traffic, improve your company reputation and boost your Christmas sales.

In Conclusion

Finally, it is important that as you apply these different email marketing tips, you use a good marketing tool to track, analyse and optimize any links you promote to your customers. That way you can tell where your traffic is coming from and if your campaign promotions are working or not so that you can increase your Christmas sales.

P.S: Use this time of the year to get your subscribers excited for 2017 by sharing your plan and upcoming products.

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