How To Remove Buyer’s Remorse?

Buyer's Remorse

Do you want to remove buyer’s remorse?

Simple. Choose better words as it’ll be one of the key’s to your success.

My father would always tell me that ” your choice of wording can take away power as much as they can give you power”. In other words, it’s not about what you say but how you say it that will make an impact.

So, today, I’m going to tell you how to remove buyer’s remorse by choosing the right words.

How to Start Wording Your Marketing Descriptions to Remove Buyer’s Remorse 

In a competitive world of SEO and Internet marketing, one must not be too lite with their choice of wording. Furthermore, one should even refrain from using specific words to describe their product or service full stop.


Because some words have either been overused, or have an unfavorable effect that can cause buyer’s remorse whilst jeopardizing a lot of sales.

What Exactly Is Buyer’s Remorse?

Buyer’s remorse is a strong feeling of regret after having made a purchase. It is essentially a fear that stems from thinking that they made the wrong choice, guilt that they overspent or that they felt fooled by the seller.

So, in order to remove this feeling, your choice of wording should be creative and smart. Not only will you make more sales but your customers will feel much better for purchasing and will mostly likely come back.

Words You Should Avoid Using

In order to remove buyer’s remorse and become a successful internet marketer your image/label need to be intelligent and effective.

So, if your descriptions in internet marketing overuse the following words, I encourage that you make some changes. For example:

  • Avoid using words such as ‘very’, ‘maybe’, and ‘kind of’. That choice of wording is too ambiguous and lacks conviction. There are so many more remarkable words you could use instead. If you find yourself suck, just use a thesaurus.
  • Stay clear of passive words such as ‘nice’ and ‘stunning– they are  not only overused but just dull.
  • Avoid using the word ‘sorry’ as it immediately denotes a negative energy. plus, you should have nothing to be sorry for.
  • Also, refrain from using any words such as ‘literally’ or ‘actually’ because they’re just gap fillers in a conversation. They have no real impact and just make your descriptions seem careless and horribly written.

How To Create A Healthier Purchasing Experience For Your Customers?

There are a few effective ways- if done well- that can create a healthier purchase experience for your customers, remove buyer’s remorse and increase future sales. For example:

  • If you’re going to offer a discount as part of your sales strategy then let them know just how much of a discount your offering.  A lot of people tend to use the words ‘discount’ without any indication of how much. Don’t do that as it quite often than not comes off as a scam.
  • Make your product or service line sound unique and interesting. Your aim should be to make your customers feel like they need your product.
  • Try and use words like ‘essential’ or ‘deal’. However, stay far away from using the word ‘sale’.
  • If quite a few people are using your product or service than highlight it with facts and figures.

Please, keep in mind that you do not want to sound like an infomercial. So, try not to use words like ‘revolutionary’or ‘never ever need another one again’. Phrases or words like that just give an impression that your product/service is either too good to be true or a scam. Plus, it doesn’t sell.

if you really want to increase your sales then make sure that you talk about the real benefits of your product or service. Aim to be powerful, interesting but also genuine. By doing this, you will remove buyer’s remorse and be a lot more successful.

Finally, remember to keep track of your result and A/B test different variations of your marketing descriptions to ensure that you are heading on the right track.

How To Keep Track Of Your Result?

Easy. Invest in a reputable marketing tool like It will allow you to A/B test different variations of your marketing strategies and will tell you if your sales are increasing or not. That way you can know for sure if your choice of wording is having a positive or negative impact.

To Conclude

I hope that you take on board my advice and really consider the way you describe and promote your product/service. I encourage that you step out of your confirm zone and try new and innovative ways to improve your sales but also stay true to your product. And be genuine as people are more inclined to trust and buy from honest people.

If you have any further questions or need any help with anything regarding internet marketing, please, do not hesitate to contact me.

4 thoughts on “How To Remove Buyer’s Remorse?

  1. I really like your writing style. I’m in this niche too for some years with failures and triumphs.

    I suggest that you use a real photo with you in the “about me” section. People react positive and bonds with you faster, but that is just my opinion.

    Making sales is the greatest challenge for most affiliates. I wish you good luck and again, Ellen 🙂 Nice meeting you.

    1. admin

      Hi Vlad,

      Thank you so much for your interest and feedback. You’re right, making sales is not an easy process, especially if you’re selling a product that doesn’t match your visitors/subscribers interests. I encourage you read some of my other posts for some tips about how to increase sales. Also, I will get a photo of me up there soon 🙂

      1. Jessie

        Your posting is abltuloesy on the point!

        1. admin

          Thank you! 🙂

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