How To Make Money In Affiliate Marketing Using Facebook Advertising

facebook advertisingThere so much potential to make money in affiliate marketing by using Facebook Advertising. With the right strategies in place, Facebook advertising alone can be extremely profitable. So for those who are struggling with their website or blog and want to try another alternative to make money, then keep reading.

Why Facebook Advertising Will Help You Make Money?

With 1.71 billion monthly active users- why not Facebook advertising!

Facebook is the biggest social media site in the world. Therefore is considered to have one of the highest arena for marketing potential  and offer a lot of opportunity to make money.

Advertising through Facebook will help you make money because of the vast information they have on their users. Information like location, gender, age, jobs, likes, dislikes, relationships, politics, experiences and so much more. You can seriously find out everything you need to know about your target market and use it- at little cost-to help you make money.

Another pretty cool thing about affiliate marketing using Facebook advertising is that it is quite easy for one post (especially with your affiliate link in it) to spread like wildfire. All it takes is one friend to share it or comment on it, and then their friends can see it. If they share it and someone else comments on it then the reach spreads even further and can get to a point where you have thousands of people liking, sharing and making you a lot of money.

How To Use Facebook Advertising to Make Money

So to make money with Facebook advertising, you will need to invest a little bit of your money. When I mean ‘a little’, I mean as much as you can afford- so don’t freak out!

I have made every bit of money back from Facebook advertising plus a lot more because of the vast opportunities and reach it has.  Even if I invested $1 a day, I would still see results.

So take make money in affiliate marketing using Facebook advertising, please, follow the steps below.

Step 1

Sign in to your Facebook account.

If for some crazy reason you do not have one, then sign up here.

Step 2

Head to this page to choose the billing currency, time zone and add your name and billing info.

facebook advertising

I would advise that you get all the notifications so that you know what’s going on with your account, so make sure these are checked and click on Save Changes.

facebook advertising Step 3

After you have filled in your Account Settings page, click on the Billing link on the top of the page and Click on the green button in the center of the page to add payment method.

facebook advertising Then just enter your card details.

facebook advertising So how the payment works is that you will only be billed when you reach a certain threshold, spent on Facebook advertising. Over time the threshold will increase, so you will be charged less frequently for a higher amount. But you can make a lot more money then that so don’t stress! You also have the ability to set an account limit to what ever you want and prevent yourself from buyer more ads then you wants. When you reach the limit then your account will be paused.

And that is it! Now you can start setting up some ads. Just go here:

Step 4

Time to create your first ad. As you can see below there are a lot of options.

facebook advertising Your ultimate goal as an affiliate marketer should be to send people to your affiliate link. So, click on the ‘Send people to your website’ obejctive.

facebook advertising Then add your affiliate link where it says ‘Enter URL to promote’.

Note: It is very important that you cloak and shorten your affiliate link using a tool like– they are more likely to be approved by FB and look more appealing when people click on them.

Step 5

Now it’s time for you to choose your audience.

Because you are just starting out with Facebook advertising, you may have to experiment with several different targeting groups until you reach an audience that fits best.

In order to narrow your focus, you can use the Audience Definition tool located on your right to determine how specific or broad your audience selection is.

facebook advertising

Because your ad objective is “send people to your website” and you want to drive traffic and make money, you should be specific with your target audience. Focus on people you know will actually be interested in the product you’re promoting and fill in the various fields accordingly.

Step 6

Now it’s time to set your budget.

You have two main options:

  • Daily Budget: This option is if you want to set your ad to run consistently throughout the day. Therefore Facebook will pace your spending per day. Just bare in mind that the minimum daily budget for an ad set is $1.00- which is not that much at all!
  • Lifetime budget: The lifetime option is great if you want to run your ad for a specified length of time. This means that Facebook will again pace your spending over the time period you set the ad to run for.

However, if you would like to be even more specific with your budget, then you can have a look at the Advanced Options.

Step 7

Start creating your ad.

As you can see below, you have two format options for your ad.

1) links: This allows you to display a single image ad.

facebook advertising

2) Carousels: This is allows you to display a multi-image ad with 3-5 scrolling images ad no additional cost.

facebook advertising

Once you have made a decision about which format you would like to use, you will need to upload your creative assets (images, text etc.). Keep in mind that for each type of ad, Facebook, has a few requirements.

To ensure that your ad will make money and be super effective, you must follow Facebook’s Advertising requirements.

For Links ad, you must adhere to the following things:

  • Text: 90 characters
  • Link Title: 25 Characters
  • Image ratio: 1.91:1
  • Image size: 1200 pixels x 627 pixels (Use a minimum image width of 600 pixels for ads appearing in News Feed)

For a Carousel ad, you must adhere to the following things:

  • Recommended image size: 600 x 600 pixels
  • Image ration: 1:1
  • Test; 90 characters
  • Link Description: 20 characters
  • Your image must not have more than 20% text

Keeps in mind that the requirement I mentioned are specifically for the ad objective “send people to your website”.

Once you have selected your options and followed the requirments, you can finally submit your ad and start to make money!

Step 8

Now that your ad is up and running, there is only one last thing you will want to keep an eye one.

Your performance- of course.

Facebook Ad manager is an intelligent dashboard that provided you with an overview of all your campaigns. It will highlight an estimate of how much you’re spending each day and is well organised to help you filter through your ads so you can create a custom view of your results.

Below are a list of the key metrics that Facebook advertising will track for you to keep an eye on so you make money.

  • Performance such as results, reach, frequency and impressions
  • Engagement metrics such as likes, page engagement and post engagement.
  • Video metrics like % of views etc.
  • Website metrics such as checkout, payment details, purchases and add to car.
  • Click metric such as clicks, unique clicks, CTR (click-through rate) and CPC (cost per click).

To End

Although, Facebook advertising will provide some metrics for you, it is important that you invest in a more advanced marketing tool like to give you a much better understanding on your traffic anf help you optimize your clicks and make money.

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  1. After you create your campaign, you need to wait some time in order to get approved my the ads team. Carefully use their guidelines, to avoid getting your ad rejected.


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