Link Cloaking – Why Affiliates Need To Cloak Their Links

Link cloaking

Link Cloaking: How Does It Work?

When you become an affiliate for a brand or company they give you a unique link. Unfortunately, this unique link is not very appealing and result friendly which is where link cloaking come in to save your butt. Link cloaking is so important for helping you make more money.

Cloaking will turn your long, ugly, URL link into a shorter and more attractive one.

Before cloaking:!jdj5=sayhi8

After Cloaking:

See the difference!

Why You Need To Cloak Affiliate Links

  1. Link cloaking will prevent bypasses from removing your affiliate link and going directly to the selling site, leaving you without your due commission.
  2. Cloaking will stop hijackers from stealing your commissions by replacing your affiliate code with their own.
  3. Link cloaking  will secure your commissions and prevent freeloaders from effecting you the cloak your links.
  4. Cloak affiliate links to appear more trustworthy and hide the link source from your visitors. That way, you increases your clicks and maximize your profits.
  5. Link cloaking will improve deliverability and decrease your risk of getting marked as spam.
  6. To prevent affiliate companies from being blacklisted and emails not getting delivered.
  7. Cloak affiliate links for better management. Rather than searching for the affiliate link every time. You will be able to organize all your different links in one space. If your affiliate link changes, then you can easily go into that space and update it.
  8. Link cloaking will help combat competition.

Where To Cloak Affiliate Links

You may find a lot of free link cloaking sites that claim to do the job. However, based on the links contained within them, the delivery of emails can differ vastly. Since, many other people (especially spammers) use these free services, and all the links are from the same site and IP address, you risk having your emails lumped in with the spammers. So, it’s important to use a quality link cloaking site if you want the best results.

I’m currently using and highly recommend It’s an awesome link cloaking, tracking, analytics and optimisation tool. They’re software is robust and reliable. Compared to other cloaking sites, they are definitely the easiest to use and their support team are very helpful.  Paid tracking software’s rather than free softwares will almost always exceed your expectation because they guarantee quality and offer more features & benefits that will equip you for success.

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