How To Avoid Refunds That Destroy Your Commissions


There is nothing worse in affiliate marketing than losing your commissions because of customer refunds. It’s completely gut wrenching and demotivating and it happens all the time.

The reason for this is that most affiliate programs with physical merchandises do not pay affiliates immediately. They most often pay affiliates monthly. Since most products have a two week refund policy, it’s possible that you will lose your commissions.

Therefore, I am going to tell you a few things about how to stay away from refunds that destroy your commissions.

How to Steer Clear Of Refunds That Kill Your Commissions

1) Choose a Product Based on Quality NOT Popularity

A common mistake people make when they choose an affiliate product is that they tend to judge the quality of a product by its popularity.

Therefore, it is important that you realistically asses and test the quality of a product before selling it. Use your common sense and don’t sell a product just because everyone is selling it..

Use your common sense and don’t sell a product just because everyone is selling it.

2)  How True To Form is Product Sales Page or Sales Video?

The best products to sell are the ones that fixes a common problem for its consumers. Therefore, it is likely that a product sales page/video will outline a few problem that their consumers are facing before offering a solution.

However, be carful of deceiving sales pages/videos that over exaggerate a problem and make crazy claims about a solution that sound completely impossible.

To avoid refunds and commission loss you must assess whether you think a product will actually meet its claims, at least for some people.

3) Find Out What Real People (Non- Affiliates) Are Saying About the Product You Want to Sell

Another way you can avoid refunds and commission loss is to find out what real customers are saying it. The type of customer that has actually bought and used the product.

You can research customer reviews or opinions on Google, Yahoo, Facebook and so on. Although, it may take a lot of digging through SEO’d affiliates pages to find out what real people are saying about the product, it will be well worth it over the money you could potentially lose.

In Conclusions

If you want to avoid refunds that take away commissions, it is important that you consider the thing above before selling a product. Once you have done those things and are confident that the product is of quality, will increase your profits and will not destroy your commissions and reputation,  then go ahead and get your affiliate link and sell away!

Also, always remember to be genuine in your selling approach. Sell something you genuinely believe in and track your results. From there will you create success and money.

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