How Retargeting Will Boost Your Chance Of Success?


There is nothing more horrible than spending hours creating, publishing and promoting your website, only to find out that all your visitors didn’t even engage in what you had to offer.

Hence, retargeting was born.

So, In this article, I am going to tell you what retargeting is and how it’ll boost your sales.

What Is Retargeting? 

As much as you wish that 100% of your traffic coverts into a lead or a sale, it just won’t.

People rarely engage with a site or brand the first time they come in contact with it.  In fact, they say it take about seven instances of contact before a person actually buys from you. This means you’re missing out on a lot of potential customers.

So, what retargeting does is help to keep you in the mind of people who come and go from your site. Thus, increasing their chance of coming back to your site and becoming a paying customer.

How It Works? 

Retargeting is a cookie-based technology that uses simple a Javascript code/pixel to anonymously ‘follow’ your audience all over the Web.

Here’s how it works: you place a small code/pixel on your website. The code/pixel is invisible to your visitors so you won’t need to worry about your site performance. When a new visitor comes to your site, the code drops an anonymous browser cookie.

So, when your visitors browse the web, the cookie will let your retargeting provider know and will automatically show your site, ensuring that your ads are only shown to people who have previously visited your site.

Thus, increasing your chance of making a sale and becoming for successful.

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In Conclusion

Retargeting is incredibly effective. With the right action, it can produce much higher conversion rates than SEO or PPC.

The reason this strategy gets more conversions is because of relevance; people who visit your product page are clearly interested in that product. However, they just need that extra encouragement to actually buy it. So, retargeting just constantly remind them of your products existence till they can’t help but buy. Therefor, increasing your chance of success.

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