How Hashtags Can Improve Your Marketing Campaigns


If you’re a Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or any other social media fanatic then I’m sure you’re familiar with the notorious #hashtags.

So, what the heck do hashtags have to do with marketing?

I’ll get to that point- don’t worry.

BUT first, let me explain to you a little bit about where hashtags first came to light.

So, hashtags were first introduced on Internet Relay Chats around 2004- for those of you who are new to social media, IRCs were one of the forerunner of the social media platforms we use today. Then around 2009 they became really popular on Twitter, where they were initially used for “tweet chats”. Tweet chats are like open group discussions around a particular topic. Finally, fast forward to today and now hashtags are used on basically every social media platform.

So… How Do Hashtags Improve Your Marketing Campaigns?

#Hashtags make it possible to group messages or posts or post link to the hashtag. This is incredibly powerful because you now have the ability to search for a specific hashtag and then generate a set of messages or posts that contain that hashtag. Thus, if you effectively use them in your marketing campaigns you will be able to:

  • Increase your promotional Reach
  • Improve yours chances of people finding your content
  • Boost your search engine optimization results
  • Help spread brand awareness
  • Finally, reach your target audience in a whole new way.

Cool, huh?

But remember you’ll only get the result above if you use them effectively.

How Do You Effectively Use Hashtags?

First first step to using #hashtags effectively is to decide the objective of your marketing message and identify who you’re targeting.

Once you have completed this step then you must also consider the following marketing uses for hashtags:

Use 1. Company or Branding

If your intention is to increase your company or brand awareness then you would normally use a hashtag with either, your company name, company slogan or brand tagline. An important rule for any hashtag you use is to keep it short and sweet and with NO spaces between words or else your message will not be delivered properly.

Use 2. Campaign or Promotional

If your intention is to use hashtags for campaign or promotion then for the purpose of memory retention, you should choose unique and catchy phrase hashtags that best define your promotions or Campaigns. Furthermore, that you use it in all your marketing messages during your campaign.

Use 3. Informational or Content

Generally for informational or content uses of hashtags, you do not specifically have to use a unique or catchy phrase but instead use words/phrases that you’re your target audience are more likly to search for or use in relation to your content.

Use 4. Geographic or Location

For geographically based business targeting local clientele or larger cooperation with various geographical locations, the use of geographic or location hashtags is very important in delivering the message and improving your marketing campaigns. All you got to do is hashtag the location and company to get your message out.

Use 5. Event or Activities 

If you want to promote an event or activity that is coming up then hashtag the title of the event/activity is really great way to increase engagement and awareness for that specific campaign. As apposed to just hashtaging the company name.

How to Tell if Your Hashtags Are Effective?

Once your understand the uses for hashtags, then use an awesome click tracking, analytics and optimization tool like to test and alter your hashtags and see whether they are really as effective as they should be. A tracking and analytics tool is the number one thing any online marketer should invest in. Not only with it save you a lot of money but it will really help you understand your niche- based on how they engage with what you offer them. Furthermore, it will increase your marketing success.

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