Double Meta Refresh: A Neat Trick For Affiliates

double meta refresh

What Is Double Meta Refresh?

Double Meta Refresh (DMR) is a simple trick to help ensure that when you follow a link from a one website to another, the second website can not view your traffic sources and conversion results.

When you’re promoting your affiliate sites through many different platform (e.g. Facebook or Twitter) and you’re operating in the same market as other sites all promoting the same products, you risk having your traffic sources stolen which is why you need Double Meta Refresh.

How It Works?

Double Meta Refresh essentially blanks the referrer through a Redirect Loop. This feature will check to make sure the referrer is blanked. If it is, the redirect goes straight through. If it’s not however, this feature will loop through the meta refresh until the referrer is blanked and then send it through as usual.

The Benefits

  • Restricts networks or advertisers from stealing your traffic sources, or campaigns
  • Best security for affiliate when competing against so many people who are selling the same product as you
  • It will restrict your competitors from taking what is rightfully yours
  • The referrer is hidden


  • Loading time may take a few extra milliseconds as it will go through the Redirect Loop first

What Makes Double Meta Refresh Different From Link Cloaking?

Double Meta Refresh and link cloaking have some similar benefits but different in their process. They are both effecting, however, DMR gets rid of the referrer completely and secures your traffic sources whereas link cloaking will have your link appear differently to search engines.

Where To Start

So now that you know what Double Meta Refresh is and how it will benefit you. The next step will be to invest in a tracking tool that allows you to apply DMR to your links.
The tool which I always use to Double Meta Refresh is Its an easy to use tracking service which has this neat trick (DMR) built right in. They also have many other great features that you will need as an affiliate too such as, tracking & optimization, link cloaking, A/B testing and more. Not to mention, also offer a 30-day free trial so you can immediately see great results before you pay a cent.

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