How To Create Urgency & Increase Sales

Create urgency


Urgency is a type of anxious feeling that compels you to act immediately.

Why do We Need To Create Urgency?

We need to create urgency to increase sales. A common mistake that a lot of affiliate and internet marketers make is that they don’t give their visitors a reason to buy now. Instead, they give their visitors a chance to explore their options in the hands of their competitors and lose the sale. Jim Rohn once said, “Without a sense of urgency, desire loses its value”. In order to turn your non-buyer into a buyer, you’ll need to make your visitors believe that what you’re selling is so important and they need it now.

How To Create Urgency

  1. Use trigger words/phrases to create urgency. For example; Buy now, Quick, Hurry, never again, over, seconds, don’t miss out, instant, running out fast, never before, time is ticking, Exclusive, limited, learn, grow, benefit or saving.
  2. Deadlines spark productivity and create urgency. So, make your visitors feel like time is running out. For example, you could tell them that ‘this offer end in 24hrs’ or you can add a countdown pop-up.
  3. Scarcity, is one of the most significant ways you can create urgency. When you tell someone that there is a shortage of what they want, they are more likely to buy now vs later.
  4. Competition is a great way to create urgency. It’s a great way to increase urgency. Create online games or contests to get peoples adrenaline running and act quickly.
  5. The power of affirmation is very effective. For instance, people tend to think of themselves as quick and responsive. If you affirm their thoughts by saying things like “Early bird Discounts” or “you’re very receptive” then they subconsciously act in that way and you make a sale.
  6. Create urgency by threatening to take the offer away. Tell them “this is your last chance ever to buy this product” or “this product will never be available again” . This technique is quite compelling because no one ever wants to feel like they missed out or didn’t act when they should have. Therefore, they buy now vs. later and, you increase your sales.
  7. Finally, you can use unpleasant circumstance to create urgency. Make your visitors feel like they will be worse off if they don’t buy now. Painfully remind them of their desires. For example, if you’re selling beauty products, then your visitors most likely desire to become more beautiful. So, you could say something like “is your skin dry and flaky?” or “do you want to get rid of those pimples?” or “do you want to look and feel more beautiful?”. You painfully remind them of their problems so that they see value in the solution.

In Conclusion

If you apply the following techniques to create urgency then you’re guaranteed to increase your sales and make more money. Everything starts with a little push. So, make sure your visitors are getting exactly that!

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