How To Choose Affiliate Products That Actually Sell & Make You Money

Affiliate productsHow to Choose Affiliate Products That Actually Sell?

Affiliate marketing has the potential to make you a lot of money if you choose the right products and the right strategy. Although, today my focus will be on helping you choose the right affiliate products that are going to make you money.

What are your interests? Promoting products that you have you have a genuine interest in is the first step towards not only an easier journey but a fun one too! 

Mistakes You DON’T Want to Make

  • Promoting affiliate products you have no interest in and DO NOT USE: A lot of people who first begin affiliate marketing tend to promote products they have no invested interest in and do not use which is wrong. The key to affiliate marketing is building trust. But how can you build trust and write convincing product reviews when you don’t use or have any interest in the product you’re promoting?  It’s hard, I know…This is why you need to stop wasting time on affiliate products that are meaningless to you.
  • Promoting way too many products: Less is more- especially when you’re an affiliate trying to may enough money to quit your day job. If your visitors see too many different affiliate products on your site, they will feel your business is overly promotional, not genuine, less trustworthy and they will not buy from you. It’s best to just focus on maximum 1-3 products.

3 Important Steps to Take Before Choosing Your Affiliate Products

  1. Understand Your Audience

    Before you consider choosing a product, identify your target audience. If you randomly start promoting affiliate products without any consideration for your audience then don’t expect to make a lot of sales. It’s important to find out your audiences age group, location, gender, income and problems they face.

    A simple way to find out about your audience is to conduct a survey. You can use your email list to ask your readers questions about what issue they want addressed. Or if you do not have an email list, you can use social media such as Facebook or Twitter.

    Once you know more about your audience then you’re able to find a solutions and increase your sales.

  2. Investigate Your Competitors

    When it comes to Internet marketing, you don’t need to create anything new in order to succeed. In fact a lot of the successful bloggers and affiliate marketers sell products by following what has worked well for other. So create a list of the top sites in your niche. Find out what affiliate products they’re promoting and analyse how they are promoting their product to reach a larger audience. You should be asking yourself the following questions:

    • How many products are they selling?
    • Are they using banners or adds on their blogs?
    • How big is their social media presence?
    • Are they creating product reviews to promote their stuff?

    You can also use sites like SemRush to investigate their key words and what backlinks they might be using to increase their traffic.

    The more information you can get on your competitors, the more helpful it will be to when establishing your own success.

  3. Find The Right Marketplace

    To be successful at affiliate marketing, It is important you find a reputable marketplace to find affiliate products to sell from. A few of the marketplaces include ClickBank,  Amazon Associates, eBay and ShareaSale. These sites will show you a list of available products to sell and also give you indication about how popular the product is. You can pick the category of your interest and then choose your affiliate product.

Tracking Your Result

Once you have followed the steps above and chose the affiliate products you want to promote, it is important that you keep track of your site. You can do this by using a super easy marketing like is a user friendly tracking, analytics and optimization software that will help you identify a problem so that you can fix it. It is really beneficial for assessing which affiliate products or promotional strategies are working or not. That way you can stop the ones that aren’t making you money and send your traffic to the ones that are so that you increase your profits.

To Sum It Up

In order to chose the right affiliate products that are you going to make you successful, you must understand your audience, study your competition and then find a market place to chose your product from. If you follow those steps and keep track of them, you are not only garunteed success but you will also make a lot of money.