How To Avoid Spam Complaints

spam complaintsAre you afraid of getting spam complaints or getting marked as spam?

If so, don’t stress! There are a few things that you can do to avoid getting spam complaints so that you can grow a quality list and reputation.

But first…

What Are Spam Complaints?

For those of you who don’t know, spam complaints are reports made by email recipients against a specific email they consider to be unsolicited.

How Do Spam Complaints Effect Us?

We all know what it feels like to be bombarded with irrelevant mail that we don’t remember signing up to.  We hate it with passion and most often than not, we will report it as spam.

Spam is an issue that gives affiliate marketing a really bad name. Furthermore, it can ruin an otherwise successful venture.

Therefore, it is our duty as an affiliate marketer to ensure that we do not get spam complaints.

How To Avoid Spam Complaints

There are a few simple actions you can carry out to ensure your business is spam complaint free. These actions include:

  • Studying your niche. Subscribers can see straight through a phony. Therefore, it is important you understand the product or information you’re promoting.
  • Be sure to use opt-in subscribe popups that ask for confirmation. This will improve the quality of your mailing list. Also, it will provide proof for any unwarranted spam complaints.
  • Be clear with your subscribers about what to expect.
  • Pay close attention to the credibility of the information that you provide your subscribers with.
  • Make sure that your information is factual, relevant and reliable.
  • If no one is biting back, don’t keep pushing it. It is important you use a tracking tool like to see how well your subscribers are responding to the information, sites or products you’re promoting. The last think you want to do is assume everything is working when it may not be.
  • Finally, don’t wait too long after people subscribe to send your first email. Because people are prone to forgetting they signed up in the first place!

In Conclusions

To avoid getting spam complaints or getting marked as spam, it’s important that you always remain focused on your goal. Furthermore, research about how to achieve your goal in the most successful and reputable way.

Everything great comes to those who are patient. There is not such thing as quick money. To have a sustainable and healthy income, you must stay focused, know your niche and use a good marketing tool to keep track of your results.

Recommended marketing tool: is a great tracking and optimization software that I sue to track my results. It’s proven to not only increase your conversions but overall success.

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