AB Testing: Affiliates Guide To Success

AB Testing

AB Testing: Without It You Are Wasting Your Money

Your main goal as an affiliate marketer is to make more money but when you’re in the dark about where you’re going wrong, all you do is burn holes in your pockets. This is why you need AB testing to stop wasting money and kick-butt in affiliate marketing.

What Is AB Testing?

AB testing is essentially an experiment comparing two versions of a webpage against each other to determine- based on page goals- which one performs the best.

Ignorance Is NOT Always A Bliss

When you don’t test your links, websites, campaigns, promotions or anything else for that matter then how do you really know that what you’re spending all your time on is actually working? You don’t, you can only guess, but to be honest that almost as bad as gambling. This is why you need to test, test, test!

Here are a few important reasons why you need to start testing your links:

  • You can not effectively optimize your conversion rates without statistically valid testing to know where you are lacking or not.
  • AB testing allows you see how people act rather then how you think they will act.
  • Testing your links will confirm or disproves any hypotheses you’ve gathered..
  • AB testing doesn’t have to be thoroughly designed or balanced. You just pick how many versions you want to test and then split the available traffic evenly among them.
  • You will never really know how bad a webpage and site templates are until you start AB testing them.
  • AB testing can quickly be re-run and confirmed for extra assurance.
  • Split testing allows you to test your marketing strategy and core value propositions.
  • AB testing is actually really fun!

Getting Started: Set Some Goals

In order to effectively test different pages against each other to see which performs the best, you will need to set some basic page goals or objectives. These generally include:

  • product reviews page goals- such as the usage of affiliate links.
  • Contact us page goals- like the number of submissions forms.
  • Lead capture page goals- how many leads you get.
  • Homepage goals- how many clicks you get through a particular banner of call-to-action

Once you’ve established your goals, you can set up tests and compare new page version against the original version.

What You Should Be AB Testing

When it comes to AB testing, your visitors likes and dislikes should always override yours because they’re the ones who are going to make you money. So, swallow your pride and forget about what you would like your website to look like because you’re not the one that’s going to be using it.

There are three key questions you must always ask yourself when you’re building your site:

  1. Is my site easy to navigate?
  2. Is my content easy to read, relevant and informative?
  3. Does my site load in a few seconds?

The answer to those questions, will come from REAL visitor data.

Get REAL Visitor Data For AB Testing

To get REAL visitor data and all the information you possibly need about the traffic your site is receiving to begin testing, you will need an optimization & analytics tool like Click.org or equivalent. It is super easy to understand and really user friendly. They also offer a 30-day Free Trial account.

Another way to get REAL visitor data is to run on-site-surveys with tools like Hotjar or equivalent. You can ask different questions to get more info about where your site is succeeding or not. You can also use it to set up heat maps and user recordings to get even more insight and testing ideas.

Finally: Start AB Testing!

I’m sure that from the data that you would have gathered from the above methods that you have some awesome ideas for testing. Well… Get started then!

There are a lot of tools out there that you can use but I will recommend Click.org because they offer the best AB tests and they also provide you will REAL visitor data in one. So you don’t have to worry about having to login to so many different sites for information and testing. You can do it all in one.

Once you start putting AB testing into action and apply your result, you will increase your conversion and make more money than ever before.

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