5 Proven Ways To Get FREE Traffic To Your Website

get free traffic


Do you have a super cool blog or website that has not yet been discovered by your community, niche or even the world?  get free traffic

Well, you’ve come to the right place because driving traffic (followers, readers, shoppers etc) to your site is not only the most important thing for your success, it’s also more often than not quite challenging.   Get free traffic

Now, I’m aware that you can take the quick route and just pay for traffic-and there is nothing wrong with that- but this route is not always the most effective way to expose your site. The reason being that if you do not have proper funnels set up then you’ll end up losing a lot of money.

So, how do you drive and retain quality traffic to your to your website without spending a cent?

How To Get Free Traffic:

There are many different ways to get free traffic to your site but I’m going to tell you 5 of my favorite and most effective ways.

Here goes!

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

What is Search Engine Optimization?

SEO is simply the term given to activity that attempts to improve search engine ranking.

In order to improve search engine ranking you must follow the SEO rules. The following rules include:

  • Delivering your intent. Today, search engines judge your ranking by how satisfied your visitors were. meaning, are they finding the answers they are looking for on your website? Or are they going back and clicking on search results. Remember, internet marketing is not just about getting the traffic, it’s also about satisfaction and retention.
  • Make sure that you’re using special keywords/ key-phrases consistently throughout your website. Furthermore, make sure that your keywords/key-phrases are what people are likely to search for.
  • Make sure your content is informative, engaging and relevant to your niche. Original content rakes really well in Search engines so try not to copy or rephrase other peoples work. Own your work.
  • The higher the word count the better the ranking. So, you should aim for 500 words and more in order to compete with best.
  • Optimize your site for mobile use. Almost 50% of your traffic with come from mobile devices so it’s important that you cater for them.

Search engine optimization should be the central focus for getting free traffic. Therefore, it’s important you use a quality blogging platforms such as WordPress to help you follow and monitor the rules.

2. Guest Posting

Guest posting is another great way to get free traffic to your site.

What is guest posting?

It means writing and publishing an article on someone else’s blog- generally high quality PR site that get a lot of traffic.

It’s a great way to connect with new readers and get your name out as well as get backlinks and traffic to your site. get free traffic

3. Press Releases

Ahh, press release- another fantastic and proven way to get free traffic.

A lot of it in fact. Particularly if your content is published on a really popular online newspaper or magazine.

Editors are always on the look out for new, exciting and interesting stories to publish. Therefore, before you send in a story, make sure that it’s unique and well written. Also, pay attention to their style and write something that’s related to their general theme.

Furthermore, make sure you send your story to news sites that publish articles related to your niche. Because if your story gets published, you’re going to get a lot of traffic coming in and the last thing you want is that traffic to not even be related to your website.

4. Commenting

Blog commenting is another effective way to get free traffic to your site. It will help improve your branding and increase your backlinks.

Plus, with the right strategy and a little time, this method will also improve your connections and networking- all the ingredients you need to be a successful internet marketer.

For the best possible results, everyday you should comment on five different blog posts- popular ones of course- related to your niche.

When you comment on a post, they generally require you tell them your name, email and website. So, make sure you fill it out properly because that is how you’ll get increase your blacklinks and traffic.

Finally, always remember to post genuine comments and DO NOT spam them or else you will get blacklisted and the site owner will not publish your comment.

5. Interactive Media

The lucky last of my favorite proven ways to get free traffic to your website is to utilize interactive media from high ranking sites such as YouTube and Flickr. You could could do this by creating instructional videos, post photos, record audio blogs, interview somebody interesting for a webinar etc.

Using interactive media will not only help promote your blog but also increase your backlinks and traffic.

Retaining Your Visitors

Now that I have discussed with you my 5 proven ways to get free traffic to your site. I also want to quickly mention the importance of retention too.

Getting visitors to your site is one thing but if you can’t satisfy them when they get there, then they’ll never return.

So, how do you retain your visitors? 

You need to make sure that you stay in check with how they respond to your posts, promotions, videos and accommodate according to their needs. Remember, if you want to make money, your blog should not be about what you like, it should be about what your visitors/niche like.

If you are not able to satisfy their needs then they will go else where and you do not want that.


Okay, then you need to get your hand on a high quality marketing tool like Click.org. It will provide you with extensive click tracking, split testing and analytics on for all your traffic. It will also help you increase your subscription so that you can stay in contact with your visitors.

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